Our Project Management Team is capable of achieving the desired result by good planning, managing resources effectively and better organizing capability with confidence.

Our ability to work as a team, focusing on key issues and to provide efficient leadership, has produced excellent results for us.

In our multi disciplinary field, an effective execution strategy with good cost control, paves the path for success.

We have several project teams which can manage projects in Singapore and overseas.

At Dyna-Mac, we believe and understand that projects are different based on specific requirements of our customers, and that every project requires a distinctive effort to produce the best results. The successful implementation of production systems requires knowledgeable and experienced management - to plan ahead, resolve questions and keep everything on track.

Optimal Organisation

Dyna-Mac takes a 360° approach to project management. We coordinate all resources so that every project is completed within the quality, time and budgetary requirements as agreed on with our customers.

We rely on the importance of optimal organisation, where a holistic and customised approach is taken with project management. We manage human resources so that every project is completed within the time and budgetary requirements, without compromising our quality standards.