Track Record
Ad-Hoc Projects

  • Subsea Pipe Spools and Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV), Bayu Undan Darwin Project, Australia
  • Buoyancy Tanks, Bombay High, India
  • Strip ‘O’Centre Block, Shah Deniz Gas Export, Azerbaijan
  • Calm Buoy – S012420, Thailand
  • Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Spools, Shah Deniz Gas Export, Azerbaijan
  • Subsea Manifold Scalybutt, Australia
  • Gravity Actuated Pipe (GAP), Kikeh Field, East Malaysia
  • FPU-5500 Semi Submersible, Thunder Hawk, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • SPM Buoy, East Malaysia
  • Process Skid Assemblies (Various)
  • Duplex Pipe Spool - SKARV Development for Turret, West of Sandnessjøen Offshore, Norway
  • Turret Local Equipment Room - SKARV Development, West of Sandnessjøen Offshore, Norway
  • Swiber Jack-up Barge N1 Drilling Unit (Modifications)
  • FPSO Jubilee - Pipe Racks, Jubilee Field, Ghana
  • TSS Upper & Lower Block (TSS Block Fab for FPSO PSVM), Angola
  • FPSO PSVM - Pipe Racks, PSVM Block 31, Angola
  • B-336B Jack-up RIG (Arrowhead)
  • FPSO OSX 3 - Pipe Racks
  • Subsea 7 - Spool Fabrication for Santos Fletcher Finucane
  • Cidade De Ilhabela - TS289 Flare Tower, China
  • Cidade De Ilhabela - Manifold Racks, China

Track Record
Pharmaceutical Plants

  • GSK Amoxycillin Plant (Pharmaceutical) – Jurong, Singapore
  • FISONS Pharmaceutical Plant, Tuas, Singapore
  • Pfizer Pharmaceutical Plant, Tuas, Singapore
  • Schering Plough Pharmaceutical Plant, Tuas, Singapore
  • Wyeth Pharmaceutical & Nutritional Plant, Tuas, Singapore

Track Record
Petrochemical, Power Plants and Others

  • Philips Linear Polyethylene Plant, Jurong Island, Singapore
  • Toh Tuck Gas Holding Station, Jurong, Singapore
  • Titan Polymer Plant, Pasir Gudang – Johor, Malaysia
  • Singapore Expo Centre/Woodlands LRT/Woodlands Checkpoint, Singapore
  • Gas Turbine Power Plant, Pasir Gudang – Johor, Malaysia
  • Gbaran Ubie, Skid Assemblies, Nigeria
  • Gas Compression Skids, Egypt