We are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to stay abreast of the competitive standards in the marine, offshore, oil and gas industries.

Our workshops are equipped with semi-automatic welding machines, CNC cutting machines and Pipe Profile cutting machines. The Profile cutting machine is specifically designed to make intricate profiles for T, K and Y joints that are found in tubular structures.

We also possess a special product workshop for fabrication of duplex and super duplex stainless pipe spools. The enclosed welding area is fully equipped with latest machinery and air cooled areas to completely control the surrounding environment so as to protect the pipe spools from any contamination. Apart from TIG/SMAW welding machines, we also have at our disposal submerged welding machines and orbital welding machines to address other project demands and specifications.

To bring our operations and our services to the next level, we have yard facilities that are second to none. At Dyna-Mac, we understand and believe in the importance in possessing the necessary facilities to remain competitive.

Large and Integrated Modern Sea Front Yard Facilities

Location 31, 33, 45 & 59 Gul Road
(Main Yard)
13 Pandan Crescent
(West Yard)
Gross Land Area 110,300 sqm 30,100 sqm
Open Fabrication Area 53,968 sqm 16,400 sqm
Covered Workshop / Fabrication Area 21,119 sqm 5,300 sqm
Covered / Open Storage Area 13,964 sqm 1,686 sqm
Office and Others 21,249 sqm 6,714 sqm
Wharf Length 296.6 m 97.8 m
Water Depth 7.8 m at datum
(Max. 10.8 m)
4 m - 6 m at datum
(Max. 9 m)


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Main Yard, Singapore   West Yard, Singapore

CNC Cutting Machine

Panel Fabrication Shop

WPQT Workshop

Pipe Fabrication Workshop

Orbital Welding Machine

Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

Beveling Machine

Air-Conditioned Exotic Piping Workshop

Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

Exotic Piping Workshop